IMPORTANT - Monday February 19, 2018 is a school day.

Staff Shout Out Feed

Submitted By: Liz McAuliffe
I would like to recognize: Tracy Erickson
For (shout out/comment): 02/15/18 ~ After all the sad news yesterday, it was just what I needed to see as I came into school at 6:45AM…Many students gather in the corners of the building by our entrance, doing homework or just chatting. As I walked in today, I see a coffee cup, a rolling cart and a bright flashlight… It was Tracy Erickson, sitting on the cement, with her iPhone flashlight helping a student with math. #WEAREROYAL! THANK YOU TRACY FOR BEING YOU!


Submitted By: Lauren Klein
I would like to recognize: Chrissy Brando
For (shout out/comment): Her constant dedication to her school and her true commitment to her students’ best interest. Way to go Coach! A genuine role model.


Submitted By: Donna Hoague
I would like to recognize: Mr. Aursland
For (shout out/comment): Thank you for your patience and understanding. You are always willing to help your students succeed. I appreciate all you do for them.


Submitted By: Jackie Flores
I would like to recognize: Ms. Thompson
For (shout out/comment): A HUGE shout out to Ms. Thompson that is such a caring, loving and passionate teacher! We are blessed that our daughter is taught and supported by you! You have brought back the love of learning even in the difficult subjects for my daughter. Our family is very grateful! Thank you Ms. Thompson for being an amazing teacher loved by our daughter!


Submitted By: Jackie Flores
I would like to recognize: Mr. Fout
For (shout out/comment): My daughter has excelled in Math and this I attribute to Mr. Fout! He is an amazing teacher that takes his time to speak with his students and guide them in a successful direction. Our family is truly grateful to have such a passionate, dedicated teacher educating our daughter! Thank you Mr. Fout for all you do, you are appreciated by us!


Submitted By: Jocelyn Davenport
I would like to recognize: Ms. Hitzemann
For (shout out/comment): Ms.Hitzemann helps me have resources to solve my problems and if I can’t spell something she lets me use resources around me.


Submitted By: Michelle Hudson
I would like to recognize: Nicole Berberich
For (shout out/comment): Painting with a River Ridge Twist was a great activity. Nicole was a patient and supportive instructor. The group laughed, had a good time and left with a painting. Thank you Nicole for sharing your talent and time with us.


Submitted By: Sophia McKeever
I would like to recognize: Ms. Megargel
For (shout out/comment): I want to recognize Ms. Megargel for always being a kind and really amazing teacher. She teaches her lessons thoroughly and clearly. People learn math at different paces, so sometimes you will have to do some research on your own, or ask your teacher questions, go to tutoring, etc… But Ms. Megargel already gives a thorough lesson and demonstration for it. She gives students plenty of opportunities to learn the material and practice it in class, so we don’t get as much homework as I thought I would get this year. Plus, she is a really kind and sweet teacher! She is so easy to get along with and laugh with. All in all, she is just an AMAZING teacher, and she just deserves to be recognized for just that reason! Have A good day, to whomever this concerns.


Submitted By: Paige Peterson
I would like to recognize: Mrs. Walters
For (shout out/comment): I would like to make a shout out to Mrs. Walters for allowing everyone to have a great Language Arts period. We get to do extra curricular activities while learning at the same time! When we get a little ahead in our learning, we do activities like dancing, bubble blowing, and much more! Thank you Mrs. Walters!


Submitted By: Paige Peterson
I would like to recognize: Mr. Inman
For (shout out/comment): I shout out Mr. Inman for being a great teacher! He always makes sure everyone understands the topic thoroughly – he even goes as far as providing extra activities like videos so we have a better understanding of our goal. I personally have thought of history/ social studies/ civics to be bland, but with Mr. Inman teaching, I’ve enjoyed every ounce of it! Thank you Mr. Inman, for making civics more enjoyable for all of us.


Submitted By: Megan Lucas
I would like to recognize: Mr. Aursland
For (shout out/comment): Mr. Aursland teaches both of my children, Owen (6th) & Mollie (8th). They both enjoy his course. His teaching method is engaging and provides life skills. My children enjoy his projects. He has sparked their interest to continue with the Engineering program for years to come! Well done, Mr. Aursland. Stay Awesome!


Submitted By: Michelle Hudson
I would like to recognize: Cpl. Harris
For (shout out/comment): Cpl. Harris always has our student and staff safety on his mind and does an excellent job of keeping us safe, protected and informed. Thank you for your professionalism, dedication and service. You are appreciated by many.


Submitted By: Michelle Hudson
I would like to recognize: Mr. Inman
For (shout out/comment): Donating anything needed for needy students at River Ridge. ABC was in need of deodorant for boys and girls, Mr. Inman donated several containers the next school day. ABC was in need of earbuds and again, Mr. Inman supplied several pair in less than 24 hours. He is a very generous and kind person. Thank you Sir.


Submitted By: Valerie Jorgensen
I would like to recognize: Coach Koos
For (shout out/comment): Congratulations to the Coach and players for a GREAT football season. Coach has shown the kids a lot of useful skills and had a lot of meaningful heart to hearts with his players. He shows he is a coach that cares.


Submitted By: Arianna Roman
I would like to recognize: Mrs. Howery
For (shout out/comment): Being such an amazing teacher and helping with math when things were rough for me.


Submitted By: Joseph
I would like to recognize: Mrs. Allen
For (shout out/comment): For being very helpful when I have a problem. She is also very nice and she cares a lot about the students.


Submitted By: Beth Hoffmeister
I would like to recognize: Helen Wierenga, Brenda Pearsall, Coy Eberhard
For (shout out/comment): These ladies did an excellent job in planning and/or participating in Coastal Cleanup this past Saturday!! It was a great way for all of the kids that participated to give back to their community!! Great job!!


Submitted By: Nicole Berberich
I would like to recognize: Mr. Polonski
For (shout out/comment): Thank you so much for helping me in the pouring rain, when my car wouldn’t start and jumping it without hesitation! You are awesome!!!


Submitted By: Angel S.
I would like to recognize: Mrs. Berberich
For (shout out/comment): Being an awesome art teacher when I had her in my 8th grade year!


Submitted By: Amanda
I would like to recognize: Mr. Mauro
For (shout out/comment): Promoting individualism and giving students an opportunity to break out of their comfort zones and shine their brightest.


Submitted By: Destiny Richter
I would like to recognize: Mrs. Collins
For (shout out/comment): Helping me out when I needed a hug and when I was down.