Learning Option And Schedule Change Request Form

Learning Option Change Request Form

After August 31st, if you would like to change your student’s learning option, please complete the Learning Option Change Request Form below. Please complete this form if you would like to request a change in your child’s learning option. The change must be approved by an administrator and will be confirmed by email. The learning option may not be available immediately.



  Schedule changes will not be considered if the course a student was placed in was requested or selected as an option during the registration process. Due to Class Size Amendment and limited scheduling options for mySchool Online, changes will be granted for one of four reasons: 1- The student has already successfully completed the course, 2- The student has two of the same course on his or her schedule, or 3- The student has not completed a prerequisite course that is needed 4- Other. This option will only be considered with a written explanation in the space provided. -This form will be sent to your class administrator for review. -You must provide an email address that you check regularly. Communication will be via this address. (Be sure to check your spam folder in case your email service does not recognize our Pasco domain.) -It must be completed in full. -You must indicate the specific rationale behind your request. -Upon submitting, a copy of your entry will relay to the email address you provided. Keep this as a copy for your records.