Our Junior Thespian Troupe did a Fantastic job this weekend at their District Festival!!!

Critics Choice Winners (The best of the day in their category) were:
Vivian Wright & Lilliana Fraser for Improvisation
Madison Swetnich for Marketing Design
Christina Mulyck for Makeup Design

Honorable Mention (Performances that deserve to be honored) were:
Nikki Kanakis for Marketing Design
Makayla Bowers for Makeup Design
Jasmine Elovich & Camerin Testa for Pantomime

Awards Included Superiors & Excellents:

Tech Categories:
Joseph Corley- Marketing Design- Superior
Christopher Zoeller- Marketing Design- Superior
Lauren Cheek- Scene Writing- Superior
Madison Swetnich- Marketing Design- Superior & Critics Choice
Nikki Kanakis- Marketing Design- Superior & Honorable Mention
Christina Mulyck- Makeup Design- Superior & Critics Choice
Sophia Adkins- Costume Design- Superior
Caitlynn Henson- Costume Design- Excellent
Christina Mulyck- Costume Design- Excellent
Makayla Bowers- Makeup Design- Excellent & Honorable Mention
Caitlyn Fawley- Makeup Design- Excellent

Large Group Musical:
School Song, Matilda- Superior
*Aimee Sullivan, Kolya Kostopoulos, Holly Good, Caitlynn Henson, Sydney Dermott, Sabrina Tonello, Tiffani Weigand,Brooke Harper, Julia Hamilton, Jillian Hermansen, Grace Pipenberg, Hannah Mayer, Nina Pecchioli

When your an Addams – Addam’s Family- Excellent
*Alexandra Garcia, Joseph Corley, Christopher Zoeller, Nikki Kanakis, Ryan Gorall, Kylie Arseneau, Christina Mulyck, Skyler Torres, Haneen Hassan, Louis DiBenedetto, Jillian Richarz, Lilliana Fraser, Abigayle Cottrell

Step Sisters Lament – Cinderella- Excellent
*Melanie Gorall, Skylar Schrader, Jordan French, Reagan Mallo, Emliy Rieche, Julia Negron, Lexi Naumann, Katie Guyer, Alexandria Heywood, Ellie Fields, Abigail Fraser

Ensemble Acting:
Teamplay – Superior
*Jaclyn Fiumefreddo, Christopher Lambers, Sophia Makris, Mikayla Case, Bailey Odom, Paige Weber

Bad Taste in Boys- Excellent
*Sydney Pruitt, Lexi Naumann, Jeremy Guy, Keely Onspaugh

Lilliana Fraser & Vivian Wright- Superior & Critics Choice
Grace Pipenberg & Dominick Ciampolia- Excellent
Abigaiyle Cottrell & Nikki Kanakis- Excellent
Julia Hamilton & Keely Onspaugh- Excellent

Jasmine Elovich & Camerin Testa- Superior & Critics Choice

Solo Musical:
Jillian Richarz- Superior
Kolya Kostopoulos- Superior
Nina Pecchioli- Superior
Kylie Arseneau- Superior
Hannah Mayer- Excellent

Small Group Musical:
Disenchanted- Superior
*Jillian Richarz, Kylie Arseneau, Grace Pipenberg, Nina Pecchioli

Duet Musical:
Alexandra Garcia & Skyler Torres- Excellent
Sydney Dermott & Jillian Hermansen- Excellent
Julia Hamilton & Aimee Sullivan- Excellent
Hannah Mayer & Louis DiBeneditto- Excellent

Duet Acting:
Haneen Hassan & Serenity Yepes- Superior
Vivian Wright & Christina Mulyck- Excellent

Serenity Yepes- Superior
Haneen Hassan- Excellent
Alexandra Garcia- Excellent

Congratulations to all the students, Ms. Kostopoulos will be announcing who will be going to States after Thanksgiving Break!