Bell Schedule

 2017-18 RRMS Bell Schedule

All Bell Schedules can be downloaded at this link including AM and PM Activity Schedules.


**Campus opens to students at 7:00AM.

1st Period: 7:25-8:20 (News)

2nd Period: 8:24-9:15

3rd Period: 9:19-10:10

4th Period: 10:14-11:05

6th Grade “Knight Time”: 10:10-10:30

6th Grade Lunch: 10:34-11:05

5th Period: 11:09-12:00

7th Grade “Knight Time”: 11:05-11:25

7th Grade Lunch: 11:29-12:00

6th Period: 12:04-12:55

8th Grade “Knight Time”: 12:00-12:20

8th Grade Lunch: 12:24-12:55

7th Period: 12:59-1:50