Athletic Information and Participation Forms

Athletic Director ~ Chrissy Brando ~774-7187 or 774-7200 ~ email:

Students in ALL grade levels can participate in middle school athletics.

To participate / try-out in any sport the following must be completed:

  • A current doctor’s sport physical – physical is good for one calendar year, must be on FHSAA form
  • Parent information sheet signed and notarized (two pages)
  • FHSSA forms completed and signed (total four pages) with COVID waiver
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA from previous semester
  • Participation fee- $50.00 (if the athlete makes the team);  Click here to download Athletic Fee Breakdown

Season Calendars & Coaching Contacts

1st Semester

FOOTBALL August-October HEAD J. Koos, ASST. C. Palasky, ASST. T. Adams
CHEERLEADING August-February L. Vairo
JV VOLLEYBALL August-October J. Dearsman
VARSITY VOLLEYBALL August-October C. Brando
JV GIRLS’ BASKETBALL October-December C. Brando
VARSITY GIRLS’ BASKETBALL October-December T. Newman
BOYS’ SOCCER November-December S. Marten


2nd Semester

JV BOYS’ BASKETBALL January-February E. Coller
GIRLS’ SOCCER January-February   C. Castro
GIRLS’ TRACK March-April   J.Koos
BOYS’ TRACK March-April Z. Fout, C. Brando


Message to our RRMS Fans – Fall Sports Requirements 2020

We are looking forward to a great season and have instituted some new procedures for our athletic events then in year’s past.

We will have limited seating at all athletic events. We will not sell tickets at the gates. All tickets must be purchased on

When we reach the new limited capacity there will be no more people allowed into the event. This will be the same at away events as well, tickets can be pre-ordered online using the vendor, and tickets will be limited for away volleyball games to only 4 tickets per athlete due to limited capacity in middle school gymnasiums.

For each game, if you have purchased a season pass on, you will be guaranteed admission to all athletic events.

Senior Citizens – We will hold back a limited number of senior citizen tickets up until game time. At that point, they will be released to the general public.

Free Admission passes (PCSB Employees, FHSAA passes) – We will hold back a limited number of tickets up until game time.

Under school-age children will still be let in free with parents (up to capacity). Children will need to be seated with parents and adhere to all of our safety procedures.

When attending River Ridge events, masks are required and proper social distancing must be maintained. Please understand that while you may be alright sitting near people, others may not feel comfortable. Again, it is mandatory that you please wear a mask and agree to social distance. The clear bag and Pasco County’s Patron Code of Conduct is also in effect and can be found on our website. Should you not believe in following these District policies please do not plan on attending.

After all games (home and away), parents and fans will not be allowed onto the field/court. We ask that parents and fans make plans to meet off campus after games. Parents driving athletes are asked to meet them at the car.

At away games, athletes will go straight to the bus after games. We ask that parents and friends respect this and have a plan to meet up after return to school.

It is important to remember that schools are allowing sports to continue only if safety procedures can be maintained both on the field and in the stands.

Thank you for your cooperation!