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To participate / try-out in any sport the following must be completed:

Season Calendars & Coaching Contacts

1st Semester

FOOTBALL August-October HEAD J. Koos,  ASST. T. Adams
CHEERLEADING August-February L. Vairo
JV VOLLEYBALL August-October J. Dearsman
VARSITY VOLLEYBALL August-October C. Brando
JV GIRLS’ BASKETBALL October-December C. Brando
VARSITY GIRLS’ BASKETBALL October-December T. Newman
BOYS’ SOCCER November-December B. Day


2nd Semester

JV BOYS’ BASKETBALL January-February Tony Adams
VARSITY BOYS’ BASKETBALL January-February Ed Coller
GIRLS’ SOCCER January-February  C. Castro
GIRLS’ TRACK March-April  J.Koos
BOYS’ TRACK March-April Z. Fout, ASST: C. Brando, C.