Shout Out to Mrs. Doig: For being the most supportive teacher that I have. She really cares.

Alyson Yager

Shout Out To Mr. Rodrigues: Mr. Rodrigues is one of your custodians. I see him around campus and at the football stadium. He is an extra special employee. He loves his job and always has a smile on his face. He helps out on Saturdays at the youth football games. He is always polite and respectful. He always goes out of his way to say hello and make the kids smile. He is a true role model for them. Please let him know how much we appreciate his hard work. He is truly “Royal”.

Patricia Cooley

Shout Out To Mrs. Schuster: For being helpful and helping the class in all the ways she can. For making a happy morning day start with a laugh that lasts all day.  For a helping hand to get through and she always knows a way to brighten the room

Elizabeth Hill

Shout Out To Mrs. Darling: Mrs. Darling is a really nice teacher who helps all of her students learn Photoshop and Illustrator. She gives us creative and fun assignments to help make learning these programs more fun.

Xander Sore

Shout Out To Ms. Thompson: For always being a positive force for Jake!

Kim Schwartz

Shout Out To Vickie Angelo: I have seen first hand how Vickie can interact with our SBP students and calmly redirect them. She is a compassionate professional who always has the best interest of the students in mind. We are very lucky to have her here at River Ridge Middle School.

Adrienne Zampella

Shout Out To Mrs. Schuster: I’m recognizing Mrs. Schuster because she’s the nicest teacher I know. She’s always there when you need help. She always has a funny comment that brightens the day. She tells us we can do it even if we think we can’t. She’s the best.

Elizabeth Hill

Shout Out To Mrs. Jamieson: For helping her group of students on resolving their problems.


Shout Out To Mr. Henry:  For being the best teacher and always helping when needed. He always has a laugh of the day. Over all he’s a joy and good teacher.

Elizabeth Hill

Shout Out To Mrs. Sharkey: For always being a great teacher and making class fun.

Kaira Brewster

Shout Out To Danielle Blyden, SBP School Social Worker: Our counselors, and school psychologist are attending other commitments today. Danielle came up to Guidance to offer additional assistance to us and Michelle Hudson. She created a makeshift office in our classroom during our heaviest traffic time.
Thank you Danielle!!

Liz McAuliffe

Shout Out To Coach Brando:  For making sure everybody is safe and healthy.

Makinley Weiss

Shout Out To Mrs. Doig: For being the best teacher ever.


Shout Out To Grade 7 Navy Team and Grade 8 Teal Team:  I am in high school now and I’m super happy that I made it there. But I couldn’t have done it without you guys. You guys were the best. Thanks for an awesome middle school experience!

Camerin Lewis

Shout Out To Mrs. Sharkey: I wanted to do a shoutout to Mrs.Sharkey for being an amazing teacher! She took so much time with my husband, daughter, and I during our conference together- has always been very prompt about getting back to us right away giving her students every avenue and her extra time. She’s one of those teachers that really cares and one to not be taken for granted. Thank you Mrs.Sharkey for your time and for choosing to be a teacher, you are making a difference in these children’s lives and River Ridge should be proud to have you as we are grateful! Thank you,
The Fonte Family ❤️

Angela Fonte

Shout Out To Mrs. Collins: For being a good 8th grade guidance counselor and a cool yoga teacher.


Shout Out To Mrs. Allen:  She goes above and beyond for her students to make sure they get what they need. She has been such a huge help for my 6th graders!

Mary Wainwright

Shout Out To the sweet teachers at the Tshirt table today (were grade 7 & 8 teachers). Thank you for being so understanding and super sweet while we were waiting for our transaction- I let out a big sigh( didn’t realize) and you had said that you were going through the same next week! We appreciate your time and kindness!

Stacy Kennedy