Shout Out to Mrs. Morrell:  For being the most awesome teacher ever!

Taylor Torres

Shout Out to Mrs. Allen: For helping me when I really needed it. You are sweet and generous to everyone you meet and you really make a difference as a teacher. Even though you have a sore throat, you still come to teach the class.

Srinidhi Lakshminarayanan

Shout Out to Mrs. Dudeck:  For always being such a good teacher. She always keeps everyone on track and she always gives high fives and hugs at the door when you first walk in. I love her enthusiasm for school and she is a great teacher!


Shout Out to Mrs. Sharkey: She helps me do my work and helps me be better in math.

Patrick Kalat

Shout Out to Mr. Fout: He is a cool, good guy and helps us at a good pace.

Brayden Kean

Shout Out to Mrs. Dudeck: For always being caring to other students and teachers. She makes everyone love ELA and even though it is only the 2nd week, I simply know that I will adore this class. She is very patient and loves the subject she teaches. I love you Mrs.Dudeck!!!!

Srinidhi Lakshminarayanan

Shout Out to Mrs. Allen: I would like to thank all the teachers my daughter had last year. Middle School was a big transition for her. Every one of her teacher were amazing and I could tell they care about their students. But I would like to send a special thanks to Mrs. Allen, She was my daughters research teacher last year in 6th grade. My daughter struggled a few times throughout the year in her class and Mrs. Allen went above and beyond to help her. She ended up being one of her favorite teachers and she is one we will always remember. Thank you Mrs. Allen for having such a positive influence on Kilye! 🙂 I cant wait to see what 7th has in store for her!

Tiffany Bayless

Shout Out to Ms. DiVincent and Ms.Cadle: I would like to recognize them because they were both so nice to me and they worked with me!!! Plus they didn’t rush me like most of the teachers did!!! I will miss they so much because they were so amazing!!! ❤️

Savannah J