Intervention & Enrichment Information

RRMS Interventions and Enrichment Plan

Content PLCs identify ESSENTIAL Learning Targets per Unit and monitor student progress and provide interventions or enrichment through differentiating instruction throughout the teaching process and utilizing the daily intervention time in one period per week to have students go for the WIN – “What I Need” in each subject area. The rotating schedule allows for both core and elective teachers to provide both intervention and enrichment to students.

RRMS Meeting Structures to Enhance Student Support in the Problem Solving Process

Bi-Monthly MTSS meetings with School Intervention Team (Tuesdays)

Monthly Grade Level Team meetings whose work is build around the problem solving cycle housed in the GLT notebooks.

Weekly Student Success Team Meetings (Grade Level Administrator, School Couselor, Social Services Coordinator, and SSAP)

Students in need of Interventions would receive:

  1. Reteach small group in class
  2. Learning Lab opportunities for more reteaching and essential standards recovery through Edmentum
  3. Extended time for mastery of work
  4. Reteach and retest on ESSENTIAL standards on assessments
  5. Co-teach Reading Intervention through ELA/Research and stand alone classes in 7th grade: Lexia Power Up
  6. Math Intervention through math intervention time with Dreambox and IXL (Algebra)
  7. Differentiated instruction and activities
  8. Content PLC identifying students on ESSENTIAL Standards and regrouping students for re-teach opportunities embedded in the classroom and Knight Time
  9. MTSS/SIT bi-monthly meeting for TIER 2 and TIER 3 students (problem solving)
  10. Academic and behavioral Success Plans for TIER 2 and TIER 3 students
  11. Tier 2 and Tier 3 students assigned mentor as appropriate
  12. Tier 2 and Tier 3 students assigned check in/out as appropriate

Students in need of Enrichment could receive:

  1. Content PLC identifying students on ESSENTIAL Standards and regrouping students for enrichment opportunities
  2. Project choice opportunities/Activity Lists
  3. Differentiated instruction and activities
  4. Gifted inclusion classes
  5. Accelerated classes math, science and social studies
  6. High School credit classes:
    1. Algebra, Geometry, Spanish, ASL, Digital Media, Physical Science Honors, Pre-AP World History & Geography
  7. Certificate classes in CTE: Digital Design, Intro to Engineering, Intro to Teaching
  8. Science Fair
  9. History Fair
  10. Odyssey of the Mind
  11. Music and theater programs: Orchestra, Band, Drama