1. The parent completes the schedule change request via Mach Form. The form will be open 1/9/24-1/12/24. Schedule changes will not be considered if the course a student was placed in was requested or selected as an option during the registration process. Due to Class Size Amendment and limited scheduling options, changes will be granted for one of four reasons:1- The student has already successfully completed the course,
    2- The student has two of the same courses on his or her schedule, or
    3- The student has not completed a prerequisite course that is needed
    4- Other. This option will only be considered with a written explanation in the space provided.
  2. Email notification sent to admin over Master Schedule (Kristen Martanovic).
  3. Admin approves/denies request.
  4. Admin forwards request to Grade Level Counselor & DEO, including request with approval or denial.
  • 6th grade: Stanton
  • 7th grade: Doerrfeld
  • 8th grade: Alston
  • 1/9-1/12: Request denied: the Grade Level Counselor emailed the parent.


  • All schedule change requests submitted on Friday, 1/12/24 at 1:30PM and approved will be reflected on the student’s official schedule beginning Tuesday, 1/16/24.
  • Mach Form for schedule change requests will close after school on Friday, 1/12/24 at 1:30PM.
  • All schedule change requests MUST be submitted via the Mach Form.
  • When requesting a schedule change, please be cautious if you are on school choice for a specific program. These students MUST be in a course in the program that they were admitted for school choice.