All students received a copy of the 8th Grade End of Year Letter_March 201919 through Social Studies classes and a copy was also mailed home with the student data chat sheet.

This letter includes IMPORTANT information regarding:

-Student Promotion to High School Requirements

-8th Grade Video Submisstion

-Gradventure including dress code

-8th Grade T-shirt Order (for students not attending Gradventure)

-Yearbook Signing Celebration

-8th Grade Dance

-8th Grade Celebration of Excellence Awards Night

-8th Grade Picnic (Permission Form Included)

-8th Grade Promotion Ceremony (Early Release Form Included)

There will be a $15 8th Grade End of Year Activities participation fee, which will include admission to the 8th Grade Picnic and

Dance. Payment can be made to the Language Arts teachers, Ms. Cione, Bookkeeper, or online through the Acorn system on the

RRMS website. Students will need a signed parent permission form to go on the waterslide and obstacle course at the picnic.