Come out and support the talented students of the RRMS Drama Department’s winter play, Lunchroom this Thursday, January 9-Saturday, January 11!

Play Synopsis: Nerds. Preps. Jocks. YouTubers. Barbies. Outcasts. All the usual high-school cliques are hungry for acceptance in this one-act comedy about what defines us. Full of absurd stereotypes that poke fun at shallow notions and teen insecurities, Lunchroom is a fast-paced parody that lovingly examines the effects of peer pressure and group thinking. Students try hard to determine where they fit in, but they eventually realize that when all think alike, no one thinks for themselves. Only when it’s revealed that everyone sometimes wishes they were someone else — even popular Preps and winning Jocks — do students finally see that the real way to define their individuality is by being true to themselves.