Talent Show tickets have gone on sale for the Feb. 7th event! Tickets are 5 KD and can be purchased at lunches next week. Tickets are limited so don’t miss out!

Congratulations to the following students who will be in the Talent Show!
Amiott, Nadia
Berberena, Emma
Berberena, Olivia
Brain, Hannah
Cacciavillani, Antonella
Farides, Vincent
Ferrugia, Anthony
Graham, Aiden
Grodszinsky, Lilly
Gupta, Krish
Jansen, Brayden
Knight, MacKenzie
Lambert, Gavin
Larson, Julia
Lloyd, Ava
Lopez, Alex
Ortiz, Jon
Perry, Kaitlyn
Ruiz, Mileena
Rule, Ethan
Soltis, Tessa
Thomas, Kathryn
Torres, Taylor
Troxell, Lily
Young, Brianna