The FSA Writes will be administered in the first week of April to all students. This state test will be paper-based for 6th grade and computer-based for 7th and 8th grade.

The State of Florida has designated May as the month for State Testing and End-Of- Course (EOC) exams to be administered to students. We will be administering the following from May 1 to May 22:

  • FSA Reading
  • FSA Math
  • 8th Grade FSSA Science
  • Civics EOCs
  • Algebra EOCs
  • Geometry EOCs
  • District EOCs: ALL electives, US History, 6th & 7th Science

2020 RRMS Assessment Calendar

Please make sure your student is in school daily in the month of May as the makeup sessions will be very limited due to time restraints. When scheduling family vacations, please make sure that they are not in the month of May. If you have any questions, contact our Administrator responsible for testing, Mrs. White.

6 FSA Parent Letter      7 and 8 FSA Parent Letter      Science NGSS Test Parent Letter      Civics EOC Parent Letter

Please note: Students who are taking 7th grade Advanced Math will take the 8th Grade Math FSA.

Students who are in 7th grade Accelerated Science Honors and Physical Science honors will take the NGSS 8th Grade Science Assessment.