River Ridge Middle School’s new school hours will be 7:10AM -1:30PM starting Tuesday, January 4th. Bus passes and information are currently available in myStudent. Please check them as there have been many changes.


1st Period:  7:10-8:06

2nd Period: 8:10-9:00

3rd Period: 9:04-9:54

4th Period: 9:58-10:48

“Knight Time”: 9:54-10:14

6th Grade Lunch: 10:18-10:48

5th Period: 10:52-11:42

“Knight Time”: 10:48-11:08

7th Grade Lunch: 11:12-11:42

6th Period: 11:46-12:36

“Knight Time”: 11:42-12:02

8th Grade Lunch: 12:06-12:36

7th Period: 12:40-1:30