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Welcome to RRMS Course Selection 2018-19!

2018-19 Course Cards & Timelines

Click on links below to download the course card and important dates/timeline for each grade.

 Class of 2025 – 6th Grade:    6th Grade Course Card           Important Dates & Timeline     

 Class of 2024 – 7th Grade     7th Grade Course Card            Important Dates & Timeline

 Class of 2023 – 8th Grade      8th Grade Course Card           Important Dates & Timeline                              

Applications & PE Waiver/Health Agreement

Peer Mentoring Application (8th grade only)

Physical Education Waiver

Health Agreement (6th grade only)

Yearbook Application (7th and 8th grade only)

RRMS_Course Offerings 18.19 (Download complete offerings and Grades 6-8 course sequences in this document)

Elective Course Options & Programs:

Click on the program of interest below to explore all of the opportunities at RRMS including an informational video and course descriptions.

All 6th graders will take a semester of Health either in the classroom or online outside of their school day. All students are required to take a semester of PE, unless the PE waiver is signed by a parent/guardian.

All 6th graders will take a year long Intensive Reading or Research course (pending FSA ELA scores).

8th Graders only can apply to be a Peers for Partners (HS Credit) or Royal Squire (MS Credit).