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RRMS Course Offerings & Programs of Study


Welcome to RRMS Course Selection 2021-2022!

River Ridge Middle School Advanced Courses of Study & Elective Programs (Click to download)

Advanced Courses of Study & Elective Programs

21-22 Course Offerings and Programs of Study (Click to download)

Click on the program of interest below to explore all of the opportunities at RRMS including an INFORMATIONAL VIDEO and course descriptions.

All 6th graders will take a semester of Health either in the classroom or online outside of their school day. All students are required to take a semester of PE, unless the PE waiver is signed by a parent/guardian.



8th Graders only can apply to be a Peers for Partners (HS Credit) or 7th and 8th Graders can apply for Royal Squire (MS Credit).

All 6th graders will take a year long Intensive Reading or Research course (pending FSA ELA scores).

Course Cards & Timelines

Click on links below to download the course card and important dates/timeline for each grade.

 Class of 2028 – 6th Grade:   

6th Grade Timeline & Contacts

6th Grade Course Card

6th Grade Accelerated Math & Health Online through Pasco eSchool…

If you would like to sign up for the 6th Grade Accelerated Math or Health online through Pasco eSchool, please visit the Pasco eSchool website:



7th & 8th Grade Timeline & Contacts

Class of 2027 – 7th Grade:    

7th Grade Course Card

 Class of 2026 – 8th Grade:   

8th Grade Course Card


Applications & PE Waiver/Health Agreement

Peer Mentoring Applications (7th and 8th grade only)

Physical Education Waiver

Health Agreement (6th grade only)

Yearbook Application (7th and 8th grade only)

River Ridge High School New Teaching (7th & 8th Grades only) and Engineering Academy (8th Grade only) Applications